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Creating Audio for Podcasting

Want to make your own audio podcasts? You can record and edit audio on a PC by downloading and installing Audacity, a free "audio editor and recorder for Linux, BSD, Mac OS, and Windows." You can record directly to Audacity, edit your recording and export it to MP3 for podcasting. You can also import an audio file recorded on a device such as an iPod or Sandisk, edit it and export it to MP3 for podcasting. Here are two guides to help you get started using Audacity.

An illustrated guide to downloading and installing Audacity and LAME RTF | PDF
An illustrated guide editing an audio file in Audacity and exporting it to MP3 RTF | PDF

Download Audacity
Download LAME MP3 encoder zip file [you must have LAME in order to export to MP3 in
Audacity; you may want to follow the instructions on How do I download and install the LAME MP3 encoder?

If you use a Mac, you probably are familiar with Apple's GarageBand, and can use that application to record the audio for your podcast. Apple offers a guide to using GarageBand to create podcasts.

The OIA's Multimedia Solutions unit shoots and edits video. Contact the OIA for information on using Multimedia Solutions and to host your podcasts in the UA's iTunes U site. 

Learn More

Apple's Podcast resources webpage

Read Apple's Podcasting in Education

Wikipedia's RSS article explains RSS

There are many websites with information about creating podcasts.  Try googling "how to podcast" to find one that works for you.