Ideas for UA Faculty

Podcasting facilitates access to audio/video recordings on a subscription basis. The learner can access through iTunes and play the podcast on their computer or download to mobile devices such as iPods, iPads, and smartphones.

Podcasts for UA classes are can be publicly accessible over the Internet or,instead, you may choose the UA’s private iTunes U site which is accessible only to students registered for that class. Students are authenticated through the UA’s WebAuth authentication system. This is a practical way to address issues related to copyright, fair use and privacy.

Because content used in the private iTunes U site is only accessible to students enrolled in that class, our practice is to delete it following that semester. Faculty should download any recorded lectures they wish to keep.

Recording your class lectures supports Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

Lecture capture

The computer center manages a server running software called Podcast Producer. With Podcast Producer you work with a simple workflow that enables you to log in to begin recording your lecture and log off when finished. Podcast Producer then automatically processes your lecture and uploads it to your course iTunes U site, usually within an hour. Email Gregory Anderson for more information.

The OIA has small digital recorders that faculty may borrow to record audio of their lectues. This has been a popular with facultuy because of its simplicity. Contact the OIA for more information.

Read a couple recent blog entries about the different ways to do lecture capture and tips specfically for faculty on camera: "Lecture Capture: The Topic du Jour" and "Lecture Capture: Tips for Faculty."

Ideas for recording podcasts that complement your course

  • Relate real-world experiences
  • Podcast summaries of the key points made in a lecture
  • Review more complex material
  • Add new material rather than repeating what you covered in class
  • Discuss something relevant to the course content (e.g., a report or journal article tha you read, research results, remarks made by a conference speaker)
  • Suggest a particular topic for students to Google for more information and invite them to share what they learned in the class discussion forum or course/student blog
  • Suggest a website that your students can visit for more information and invite them to share what they learned in a discussion forum or course blog
  • Previously created instructional videos

Podcast Your Lectures: or, why students will still attend class. [PDF Nov. 2009] A report on UA faculty observations and a review of the professional literature regarding student attendance when class lectures are captured and made available to students.

Respecting Copyright and Intellectual Property read more>

Who Else Contributes to iTunes U?

itunes u banner from April 2011
April 2011 banner from Apple's iTunes U

Over 400 colleges and universities participate in iTunes U. These institutions provide free audio and video of invited speakers, credit courses, and other instructional resources. Nearly all faculty will find material related to their courses that benefit students. Go to iTunes U See what Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Yale, and MIT make available to the world.